Shr. Bhavadas Chathamkulam

Shri Bhavadas Chathamkulam, was born in the midst of freedom struggle in 1943, at a remote village in the Central Part of Kerala, where many eminent personalities of national and international fame took birth.  Immediately after India became a free nation, his parents nurtured him to be an Eminent Citizen of India; he also stood along with the family and got educated in Commerce in 1961, from the well-known Victoria College at Palakkad, now a Centurion.

Hailing from an orthodox traditional agrarian family and while upholding the dynasty, with far-sightedness in expanding the empire, Mr. Bhavadas, at his young age, as a beginning, started the Timber and its allied industry in 1970.  He held the position as “Timber Merchant Association District Treasurer” for a considerable period.  A graduate in Commerce, with 40 Years of experience and exposure in Business and other socio-economic welfare activities, managed to spread its wings to a saga of diversified activities such as Petroleum Products Dealer (1990), Imports and Exports (2000), Realtor & Builders (2001), Infra-structure Development (2001) including a Business Research Institute (2010), with a vision of molding the young generation to be in the path of our ancestors like Late Sree Narayana Guru Dev, Sree Vivekananda and the living icon Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, our ex-President.

Chathamkulam Projects & Developers Pvt. Ltd., the flag ship Company of the Group, started in the year 2001, accredited with ISO – 2000 Certification and member of CREDAI and KBA, is operating with Systematic Innovative Operation Techniques in its multi-crore Business industry.  Having the pioneer in Building Industry at Palakkad, and fully established Branches at Cochin and Coimbatore, we use internationally accepted techniques and standards, as a unique Business Model to achieve the Vision and Mission of the Group. 

He is person of modesty who gives the credit to his family, prominently his two sons, Dr. Sumesh Chathamkulam and Adv. Rajeesh Chathamkulam and a team of experts and professionals in their own fields and domains for the growth and prosperity of the Group in Aiming, Accelerating and Conquering the Globe in the areas where the Group has entered into gaining Customer Satisfaction to its maximum.

Vice Chairman

Dr. Sumesh Chathamkulam

Young leaders need mentors to set them on the path to reaching beyond their capabilities. Tells Dr. Sumesh Chathamkulam, the Vice-Chairman of Chathamkulam Group, who nurtured and inspired by himself, groomed people by throwing challenges at them. Shri Bhavadas Chathamkulam, Chairman of Chathamkulam Group, brought out aspects within my professional capabilities that I never believed I had. Being an ardent disciple of Shree Narayana Guru Dev and inspired by the Vision of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I took every challenge as an opportunity and worked hard till reaching the goal. “All that we see are once an idea, but all ideas cannot make seen, it’s the privilege of an ideal idea holder” Tells Dr. Sumesh Chathamkulam.

When someone asked him what the secret of his success is, he stated as follows: “I like to work half a day. I don’t care if it is the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours” and Dr. Sumesh believes in that. His contribution to the Building Industry, namely Chathamkulam Projects & Developers Pvt. Ltd., is the living example of his hard work and success. The Company which started the operation in the year 1990, under Chathamkulam Group, now stands as the leading Builder at Palakkad with Branches with in Kerala and nearby state of Tamil Nadu and spreading its business plan worldwide with a vision to elevate and maintain vibrant economic harmony and peace across the globe.

During my early part of my College life, I got elected as “Representative of Students Union”. Also, at my teen age, I got involved in my father’s timber business and represented the “Timber Merchants Association as – District Vice President – Youth Wing”. Also I am coveted with the position of “SNDP Yogam – Youth Movement – District Convener –“SNDP yogam director” -vice chairman of sree narayana vidhya mandir.

(Under our group) Me along with my younger brother Adv. Rajesh Chathamkulam, who holds a Doctorate (Ph.D) in “Business Entrepreneurship” from an International University, during the year 1990 to 1995, owned and managed Import and Distribution of Petroleum products in the years 1990 to 1995. At the age of 24, (In 1994) we had a humble beginning as a “Real Estate Dealer” which later converted into a Building Industry at Palakkad, which is basically an underdeveloped terrain having a population of agro based and still an orthodox community keeping the traditional values high. There is a saying “when opportunity meets preparation, it is called Good Luck” and our basic principle of life is “Even small accomplishments require hard work and are better than big talk.” As such, “Trust” is our success Manthra. As part of the continuous education and to add one more feather to his crown, Mr. Sumesh Chathamkulam has been honored with a Doctorate (Ph. D.) on the topic of “Business Management” by International University .

Inspired from the work and words of former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, I too not ready to stop dreaming. As our dream of contributing for the development of the nation through Genext, Chathamkulam Trust started an Academic Institution called Chathamkulam Institute of Research & Advanced Studies (Chathamkulam Institute) in 2008 at Palakkad, a Research institute to mold International Leaders a generation ahead. When business connects to performance, ideas to innovation and people to brighter lives, a nation comes closer to realizing the true power. (Chathamkulam Institute) is empowering an emerging India with its comprehensive and truly integrated range of resources across campus. (Chathamkulam Institute) is built on international benchmark of quality and is delivering the power to transform dreams into reality.

Again inspired by the digital revolutions happening across the globe, we are coming up with a new product which will be a great trend setter in the virtual world yet to come. “The chathamkulam learning app”. We released “chathamkulam learning app” will give freedom for education across the will be a historic flag mark in the globe in learning model which “make learning simple any time any were”! vii. A stringent family man, who believes his life cause is to make great indiain family tradition and social obligations, spends time with family and kids, along with fighting against the social evils like Alcohol and Drugs amongst the youth and committed to uplift the society, who leads life in with a very (challenging) exciting slogan as “Live ordinary among ordinaries; Work extra ordinarily among extraordinary”.


Dr. Rajeesh Chathamkulam

Dr. Rajeesh Chathamkulam is the Director of Chathamkulam Group of Institutions. He is an illustrious Lawyer practicing at High Court of Kerala. After taking LLB, he flew to United Kingdom, from where he bagged Bar-At-Law meritoriously. As director, he is keen on litigation matters of the group. Moreover, he is actively heading recruitment and placement affairs of Study UK Programme under the Trust.

An able and vivacious Administrator, he spares his service for the smooth and stable governing of day to day affairs of the entire Projects and Institutions that come under the Group. As the Corporate HR Head of the group, his performance has been proved to be very excellent, harmonious and strategic. His timely counsels, diplomatic decisions and dynamic guidance have always been an asset to the entire Group. Following the foot prints of his father and brother, he is sweating hard for the total welfare and growth of the Group. He is also closely associated with the activities of certain cultural, social and charitable projects. We are really blessed to have got such vibrant administrator and humanitarian as our Director.