Startup ecosystem-Incubation Centers for our students & Alumni


1. To create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for startups.

2. To conduct survey and research studies in the business market (both technology

     oriented and business process) to identify the potential and gap.

3. To get guidance for startup incubations from various sources.

Roles and responsibilities of CBS is that we will develop a startup ecosystem by using our

existing infrastructure and business education. Students can use our building, electricity, water,

office equipment & internet for the projects. After the course completion students can extend

their startups to outside campus as their requirements. Students those who are interested to

do survey/research in business innovations and technological integration with business are also


Incubation Process:


Idea Presentation


Monitoring & Evaluation

Incubation Period:

2 years

Benefits for Startups:

1. Infrastructure

2. Access to mentorship and industry experts.

3. Networking opportunities with potential investors and partners.

3. Exposure and visibility within the entrepreneurial community.

5. Technological support