“Rome was not in a day” and is so Chathamkulam Group. In the year 1965, with lots and lots of ambition, a noble man with only courage and dream and vision, started the Timber and its allied business, which in a short spell of time, pioneered in this trade. No one knows at that time that is only a humble beginning of Chathamkulam Group.

Keeping pace with the growing needs of the society, the Group proved its efficacy in multifaceted activities, as the candle holder Sri. Bhavdas Chathamkulam, the founder Chairman of the Group.

Our activities includes but not limited to Real Estate (1990), Petroleum Products (1998), Imports & Exports of Products (2000), Construction and Infrastructure Development , (2009), last but not the least Business Research School (2010).

Dr. Sumesh Chathamkulam proved his leadership qualities at his very young stage by leading the Student’s Organizations and maintained that vigor and energy even now by heading the SNDP yogam Youth forum. He, who holds a Doctorate in Business Management from an International University, contributes to the growth of the Group in the arena of Proposing Business Plans, Organizing the operation and finance. His younger Brother, an Advocate by profession, Adv. Rajeesh Chathamkulam phd added with an MBA from UK University spearhead the Group. The Doctorate which he has been accredited with from an International University in Entrepreneurship helps to strengthen the pillars of the Group.

The flagship Division of the Group, Chathamkulam Projects & Developers Pvt. Ltd., with its multi-crore business empire in Kerala & Tamilnadu, and spreading across the globe , has established its superiority with advanced systematic methodology followed by innovative techniques in bringing International Standards. It stands as a Unique Business Model by achieving Customer Satisfaction, as its prime motto along with meeting the Vision of the Group.

Group stands for its socio-economic commitment to the Society and to its people. Chathamkulam institute of Research & Advance Studies, started in the year 2010, a burning desire of the Chairman, with a purpose to mold the Nextgen, to teach them the Cultural values rather than creating bureaucrats as envisaged by our Great ancestors, Sri Narayana Guru Dev, Swami Vivekananda and the living icon Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, thereby bringing a vibrant economic harmony and peace across the Globe.

Backed by a dedicated and committed team of professionals with a lot of experience from various domains and knowledge in their kitty, leads the Group to more heights of Growing path in an innovative and challenging way.

Group, under the strong leadership of Chairman Sri Bhavadas Chathamkulam established its presence by providing harmonious living facilities in the area of their operation with a full intention of leaving a legacy for the future. He proved his life as “Came Saw and Conquered” but no stop until reaching the next territory.

The group is running with a vision (core purpose) to enjoy the beauty of living by upholding core values.

  • Ethic
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Speed

We always look forward for a value based life time association.

Knowing the fact that providing quality education to all is the major ways to bring up the society to enjoy & make enjoy the beauty of living. xiii. We came up with a scheme of providing opportunities to the students to study in UK .

Later by jan 2008 we had formed a trust on the objective to start various educational institutions to maximize the human potential to its possible best.

Then under the trust we came up with a management institute where which we provide best education.

The institute is situated near to the second largest industrial hub of Kerala ,Chathamkulam business school, Chathamkulam knowledge park, Kanjikkode east, Menonpara, Palakkad, Kerala,India.

By running this institute we release the need of the optimization of potential in the developing parts of India by providing quality education @ affordable fee.

So we decided to come up with a working plans for setting up of many institutions to maximize the potential in the country.